Madona | “Gaiziņkalns”


Gaiziņkalns is the highest hill in Latvia.  The absolute height of the hill is 311,94 m above sea level, the relative height - 61.6 m, it is 1 km long and 650 m wide.
Gaiziņkalns is surrounded by the nature park “Gaiziņkalns”. The Nature Park is located in Madona region, Vestienas, Bērzaunes and Aronas districts and it covers area of 2026 ha. The nature park “Gaiziņkalns” is located in the territory of protected landscapes "Vestiena".
There are an active alpine and cross-country skiing offer during winters and well-maintained trails for strolls in summers. Visitors can walk along the 1.5 km long nature trail that leads over the top of the hill in one direction, and runs along the scenic path of the foothill in the other direction.  
From the summer of 2015, there is a new environmental and tourism site at the top of Gaizins – a model of the former observation tower (demolished on December 14, 2012).