Madona | Sports and Recreational Base “Smeceres sils”


Sports and Recreational Base “Smeceres sils” is the most popular location for competitions and camps of several winter sports (cross-country skiing and biathlon) and summer sports (BMX, orienteering, cycling) in Madona. This base is beloved by the locals, who use it for recreation, sport activities and strolls; furthermore, the complex has also become highly popular and gained great feedback among both local and foreign visitors as a venue for different seminars and events.  “Smeceres sils” – a great spot for good night’s sleep (5 camping houses) and leisure in sauna.
A tour to explore the sports base must be pre-booked, and it is free of charge.
In 2015, “Smeceres sils” race track was built to host high-level competitions.
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